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My name is Savanna Wright.

Savanna is a native of Rogers, Arkansas, where she was born and raised. Coming from a family with a deep-rooted passion for paddling, Savanna started kayaking at a young age and has since cultivated a remarkable journey in the world of watersports.

With a string of national championship titles in marathon paddling to her name, Savanna's prowess and dedication have propelled her to success on both national and international platforms. In 2022, she achieved the prestigious milestone of making Team USA for sprint kayaking, showcasing her exceptional skills and competitive spirit on the global stage.

Beyond her accomplishments in kayaking, Savanna has also excelled in other athletic pursuits, having competed in cross country during her time at UAFS. Currently on the verge of completing her master's degree in physical education and coaching, she is dedicated to honing her expertise and sharing her knowledge with aspiring athletes.

When she's not immersed in her studies or training, Savanna finds solace in the great outdoors, often exploring the trails of Northwest Arkansas with her husband and beloved puppy. Her love for nature and adventure seamlessly intertwines with her passion for kayaking, making every outdoor excursion a source of joy and fulfillment.

As a seasoned athlete and enthusiast, Savanna is thrilled to extend her support and expertise to individuals at all levels of proficiency, eager to help them unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and kindle a similar passion for kayaking that has shaped her own remarkable journey.

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